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(Photo) Alexander Ovechkin Would Have Fit Right In On ‘Bill Swerski’s Superfans’

Here’s Washington Capitals superstar/Unfrozen Cavemen Hockey Player Alexander Ovechkin enjoying some mighty tasty-looking grub with a couple of buds. Ovie, who is in the midst of missing between a week to ten days of the remainder of the season due to an undisclosed “nagging injury”, obviously enjoys taking the time to enjoy the finer things in life. Of course, I am referring to a feast consisting of sausages and other assorted meats, but I also could be referring to Epic Turkish Boat Parties, but I suppose that goes without saying.

The photo, uploaded Wednesday evening to yfrog, is captioned by Ovie with the following message:

Country BBQ time hahahaha with my best friends!misha and olga

Ovie. Sassage. Ovie. Sassage. Ditka.

Correct me if I’m wrong – actually, don’t – I won’t listen – but given that spread of meaty deliciousness, I would love to see Ovechkin make an appearance in a “Bill Swerski’s Superfans” sketch, although it just wouldn’t be the same without Todd O’Connor. Or Pat Arnold. Yes, I know that Pat Arnold was portrayed by Mike Myers and that he, unlike Farley, is still technically alive, but let’s be honest: we all know Myers is dead on the inside.

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