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In Memoir, John Daly’s Ex-Wife Details His Propensity For Public Urination

To pimp her upcoming, sure-to-be sordid biography, Sherrie Daly, John Daly Ex-Wife No. 4, sat down with Golf Digest’s Alex Myers to discuss the book and how it details the many faces, personalities and bodily functions of her ex. The book, Teed Off: My Life As A Player’s Wife On The PGA Tour (Teed Off? get it?), Sherrie Daly regales us with a splendid little story regarding how Daly once expressed his dissatisfaction with a paint job performed in their home.

From Golf Digest (via Wei Under Par):

Perhaps one story sums up how unpredictable living with John Daly could be. According to Sherrie, after being in Germany, the couple returned to their Arkansas house with John’s mother, Lou, and some neighbors to see the progress interior decorators were making on some changes she wanted. When they discovered the walls of the kitchen had been painted in the wrong color, John did the unthinkable.

“So in front of everyone, in front of his own mother, John whipped it out and started peeing all over the wall,” she writes.

Awesome. Kind of. In a pissed off pissing party sort of way. Let’s face it: John Daly is a rock star and peeing all over stuff is what rock stars do. Apparently. Obviously, this entire charade of “writing” a book is simply one last ditch effort for Sherrie Daly to somehow profit off her stormy relationship with Big John, but with stories like that, I bet people will be very interested to read it, regardless of whether or not any of the tawdry tales are actually true.

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