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Great Moments In History Narrated By Gus Johnson? Yes, Please

Great Moments in History with Gus Johnson from Gus Johnson

Well played, Funny or Die. Well played.

It’s hard to argue with the certifiable fact that everything is better with Gus Johnson. Soccer highlights? Check. Video of a bulldog humping a teddy bear? Check. King Cobra Malt Liquor references? Oh, you better believe it. Internet soundboards so entertaining that wasting an entire day playing with it is not out of the realm of possibility? Yep.

Indeed, Gus Johnson Mania is quickly consuming us. Perhaps, Gus should strike while the iron is hot and run for President. Or get his own television show. Or start his own “Books on Tape” side business. You know what? Maybe Gus Johnson should just keep on doing what he’s doing, because nobody does it better. Yeah, that was a Carly Simon reference. Wanna fight about it?

[H/T Funny or Die]