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Gotta Support The Team: Texas Rangers Pitcher Matt Harrison’s Wife Won’t Shut Up

Oh yeah, she’s a screamer alright, but that’s cool. Apparently, Meghan Harrison, the wife of Texas Rangers pitcher Matt Harrison, is quite the vocal supporter of team her husband plays for, and she evidently gets perhaps a bit too ultra-vocal whenever her hubby is toeing the rubber, as it has been reported that her voice can be heard above all the miscellaneous sounds which commonly occur at the ballpark. Case in point: during Wednesday’s spring training game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Meghan was her typical boisterous self, cheering on her husband and hollering at umpires.

Despite the fact that she “gets on him too,” Harrison enjoys the fact that his wife is so supportive of his career (via ESPN Dallas):

Harrison jokes that his wife “evens things out” in their marriage since he’s not a big talker and she is quite outgoing.

“As long as she’s not cussing out fans and getting in fights, I’m all right,” Harrison said. “At least she’s watching what’s going on and knows what’s happening. She’s not just sitting up there not paying attention.”

Yeah, he says that now. Let’s see how he feels after getting browbeaten by the battle axe for another 10, 15 years. You know how those pushy womenfolk can be, amirite? “Yes, dear, I promise I won’t burn the house down again by trying to grill indoors…just lay off, will ya?” You know, stuff like that.

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