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Andy Roddick Doesn’t Care That Guys Flog Their Dolphins To Wife Brooklyn Decker

Good to know. Good to know. Talk about a load…off my mind. Anyhoo, in a wide-ranging interview with Michelle Kaufman of The Miami Herald, Andy Roddick discusses how he is finally secure with himself and his place, in not only the world of professional tennis, but in his personal life as well, evidenced by his insistence that he doesn’t give it a second thought that guys all over the world are continuously ogling photos of his gorgeous swimsuit model wife, Brooklyn Decker.

Via The Miami Herald:

“Doesn’t bother me at all,” he said Wednesday afternoon, leaning back in a chair at the Crandon Park Tennis Center, where he returns as defending champion of the Sony Ericsson Open. “I can’t change it. I’m secure with it.”

And why wouldn’t he be? He’s the one that gets to go home to her every night, not the troglodytic denizens of the interwebs who spend their days and nights in an unending, ultimately unsatisfying search for new photos of sexy swimsuit models to which they can perversely leer over.

What’s that? Referring to myself? No way, Jose. Anything and everything I do on the internet is strictly for research purposes only in order to scientifically and categorically document the manner in which all of you are a bunch of desperate horndoggers. Sickees.

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