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’29 Moanings’: Wanna Listen To Two And A Half Minutes Of Maria Sharapova Grunting?

A Sound Track Composed of 29 Moanings Taken from Maria Sharapova’s Tennis Matches by jaeyong_park

Wow. Just wow.

Some people might call Jaeyong Park’s “29 Moanings” – which consists entirely of a looped sequence of tennis goddess Maria Sharapova grunting her little heart out – some kind of aurally-based work of expressionist modern art based in an extrapolation of verbalized jazz fusion deconstructionism (I have no idea what those previous words mean, but bear with me). And that would be alright by me, ya dig? But on a personal level, I believe it could just as apropos to refer to the piece as “Soundtrack for a Spank Bank.” Just saying. And by the way, whatever it is, I plan on listening to it nonstop for the rest of the day. And no matter which way you slice it, this Jaeyong Park person must be one far out cat, man.

[H/T Oregon Live]