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Proof That Luis Castillo Dilly-Dallied While Reporting To The Phillies

At long last, Luis Castillo finally reported to the Philadelphia Phillies spring training facility on Tuesday, and while he was only signed to a minor league contract by the team on Monday, the fact that Castillo took his sweet-ass time to arrive – Castillo blamed his late arrival on “a miscommunication” with his agent – certainly rankled the feathers of Phillies brass, in particular manager Charlie Manuel.


“If it was me?” Charlie Manuel said, finally. “I would have been here 2 days ago. But it’s not me.”

Manuel originally had Castillo – who was released by the New York Mets on March 18th – penciled in the lineup for Tuesday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, but the second baseman didn’t arrive at the team’s complex until after the squad had left for the 15-minute drive to the Blue Jays’ Dunedin Stadium. Certainly not the way a player who is being given a second chance goes about ingratiating himself to his new teammates and manager, not to mention his new general manager,

Castillo was reportedly in Miami when he was signed by the Phillies, yet it took him 36 hours to make it to Clearwater. Now, I’m no great traveling mind, but my guess is it shouldn’t take quite so long to make it that short of a distance. So the question is: what in the hell was Castillo doing that delayed him to such a degree?

Wow. That’s a long way to go. No, I’m not referring to Castillo’s roundabout trip as depicted above. I am referring to the lengths I went to make a sorry Family Circus reference, complete with a poorly-executed MS Paint cut-and-paste performance. Yeesh. That’s awful.

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