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Hypnotic Staring Cricket Fan’s Got Nothing On Psychopath Baby Puppet Cricket Guy

Seriously, what in the hell is happening in the above video? Whatever it is, it is most certainly chilling. You got the baby puppet, the face painting, the eerie and completely nightmarish way he sticks out his tongue towards the end…yowsers. Even a layperson can deduce from that few seconds of video that this is the kind of person who has neighbors that wouldn’t be surprised when the authorities discover dismembered corpses in his freezer. Check that: not wouldn’t be surprised – won’t be surprised.

A word of warning, Hypnotic Staring Cricket Fan: you have met your match. Just walk away. Walk away. I mean it, not staring at me already. I already have a crippling case of the heebie-jeebies as it is!

[H/T The Score Buzz (via Sharapova’s Thigh)]