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Frank Deford’s Alter Ego, The Sports Curmudgeon, Is A Cantankerous Old Coot

Regular readers of the Sportress – all two of you (Hi Mom!) – are no doubt already aware of the fact that I am a big fan of the legendary, ink-stained sports scribe Frank Deford. He is the embodiment of everything that right and good about sports journalism. Well, Mr. Deford delivered an extra special treat today: the return of his” pal,” the Sports Curmudgeon. To wit (via SI):

My old friend, the Sports Curmudgeon, has been on hiatus for a while, just stewing in his own bile as he watches the idiotic graphics on ESPN grow and swell and get stupider and get in the way of the picture. But he told me he figures if Tiki Barber thinks he can return to the NFL to play running back after four years, the Sports Curmudgeon can come back and be crabby again.

An unprovoked – yet completely warranted – attack on ESPN? Bravo.

In the column, Deford – er, Sports Curmudgeon – proceeds to rip the NFL, President Obama’s NCAA Tourney brackets, the favorite for the Triple Crown and lambastes Major League Baseball for not inviting Japanese baseball teams over to the States and assist in raising money for the victims of the tragedy? It’s a good read, but that’s to be expected from Mr. Frank Deford.

Like Tiki Barber, the Sports Curmudgeon’s back and crabby [SI]