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Food Network At The Ballpark? Then I’ll Take Claire Robinson Slathered In BBQ Sauce, Please

Unfortunately, that is not exactly what Sports Biz with Darren Rovell is reporting as it pertains to the upcoming presence of Food Network at Major League ballparks this season. In fact, the above title regarding Claire Robinson, the gorgeous host of Five Ingredient Fix, couldn’t have less to do with to Rovell’s report. But hey, a boy can dream, can’t he?

What? Where was I? Oh yeah. Food Network and major league ballparks. As a person who watches perhaps a bit too much of the network which had a lot to do with the emergence of the term “food porn” into our collective psyche (courtesy of Jim Gaffigan, of course), there is no doubt this is a potential match made in culinary heaven. So long, hot dogs and peanuts. Hello, Red, White & Blue steak sandwich!

…created in the Food Network kitchen in New York, features Maytag blue cheese and sweet and spicy Peppadew-pepper mayonnaise on a French demi baguette. The item will be sold in Food Network branded concession areas at the Great American Ballpark (Cincinnati), Progressive Field (Cleveland), Comerica Park (Detroit), Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Busch Stadium (St. Louis), Miller Park (Milwaukee), Petco Park (San Diego) and Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Baltimore). The network will also have a steak sandwich topped with local favorites in each of the parks, like in Milwaukee where the sandwich will be topped with a sharp and hoppy beer cheese.

Sounds delicious. Almost as delicious as Claire Robinson’s incredibly intoxicating voice. Uh-oh. There I go again.

Back on point here – speaking of “on point,” I wonder if Guy Fieri Doppelganger Guy who tricked the Kansas City Royals broadcasting crew last season is pumped up about this development. One person who I can assure you is pretty excited is Sergei Kuharsky, general manager of Food Network’s new business enterprises, who said, “We are all about the nexus between food and entertainment.”

Nexus? Is he saying that in metaphorical terms, Food Network is in a phone booth located at 1st and 1st? What? Do you want Seinfeld references or more Claire Robinson*? It’s your choice.

* that screencap of Miss Robinson eating a corn dog photo is just plain wrong, by the way – you should be ashamed of yourself for enjoying it so much

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