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Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe’s Stick Figure Artistry Explains The NFL Labor Situation

This has been around for a few days (the photo was uploaded via Twitter last Friday), but what Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe’s “drawering” explaining the NFL labor situation lacks in artistic sophistication, it more than makes up for with a clear and concise message. And that message is: Chris Kluwe is a better punter than political cartoonist. Oh, and some other stuff about NFL players not being unreasonable and that Roger Goodell has a ginormous head and uttered a phrase akin to “Release the Krakken!” when the NFL made the move to lock players out.

This isn’t the first time Kluwe has taken to a whiteboard, armed only with some black markers and his wry wit, and issued editorial statements. Who can forget his commentary from last October when he blasted the video the NFL sent out to teams detailing what is and is not an illegal hit.

You know, maybe this Kluwe fellow has a future in whiteboard presentations. I mean, he’s no UPS Whiteboard Douche, but few are. Few are. And here you thought you had seen the last of that guy, huh?