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Video Proof That Seth Davis Absolutely Lurves Jimmer Fredette

In perhaps the first time in sports broadcasting history, an analyst’s man-crush has been perfectly captured with a lovelorn look and some strategically placed animated hearts. Such was the case during Sunday’s coverage of the NCAA Tournament when the wisenheimers in production decided to finally show just how much Seth Davis loves BYU Courgars superstar Jimmer Fredette. How romantical.

But Davis isn’t the only lovestruck analyst dealing with Jimmersteria – it’s afflicting nearly every Tom, Dick and Raftery covering the Tourney. And one can only imagine the passion which may be elicited out of Davis once he learns that Fredette is the newly crowned Sporting News’ 2011 College Basketball Player of the Year. Davis might need access to a private office and a box of tissues upon learning about that bit of news, which is pretty gross. But true.

[H/T The Dagger]