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Michael Vick: Not A Huge Fan Of The Sun, Requires An Inmate Umbrella Holder Guy

Man, the sun is like, bright and stuff. And hot. Who knew? Apparently, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick did, as he had the foresight to have a prisoner hold an umbrella to shield him from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays during a visit to a Tampa area prison last Saturday. Stupid global warming.

Vick, along with Tony Dungy and some 35 volunteers from Abe Brown Ministries visited and spoke to about 1,000 inmates at the Avon Park Correctional Institution about his incarceration. So, how did it go? Glad you asked.

Via CSN Philly:

“It was very humbling and at the same time, a bit overwhelming. You really didn’t know what to expect,” Vick said. “Hopefully I can be an example to somebody. The thing that I was trying to get across is that we all can be instruments of change. That’s something that I’ve been proactive about since I stepped out of prison and I’m enjoying every minute of it.”

Right on. But that blasted sun, right? I suppose that’s why we have an Inmate Umbrella Holder Guy, for situations just like this one. And for more photos from Michael Vick’s Sun-drenched return to prison, Sports Illustrated has a nifty little photo gallery. Enjoy, but you might want to put on some sunscreen first.

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