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Dear Lord: Here’s Pat Riley Grooving To Some Band Playing Bob Marley’s ‘Jamming’

Sweet Fancy Moses. Courtesy of Hot Hot Hoops (via Pro Basketball Talk) comes this delightful video which was recorded during something called Family Festival. In it, various players, staff and personnel of the Miami Heat are shown soaking up the sun and having a grand old time while listening to some good time music. Early on, you can see LeBron James playing the skins, but later in the video, you will begin to hear the smooth reggae groove of some unnamed band performing Bob Marley’s “Jamming.” And at about the 2:00 mark, there is a series of moving images you will never be able to unsee: Pat Riley, um, “dancing.” I hate to say it, but that ain’t dancing, Sally. Since we can all agree on that factoid, for the love of rhythm, man, what in the hell was that?

[H/T Hot Hot Hoops (via Pro Basketball Talk)]