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Mariners Skipper Eric Wedge’s Mustache Makes Him The Ron Swanson Of Managers

If a major league manager was ever going to emulate a television character – especially in the realm of magnificent facial hair – I can think of no better mentor than Parks & Recreation head honcho Ron Swanson. It’s a certifiable no-brainer. I mention this because as I was perusing my feeds earlier this morning, I came across a post on 7th Inning Stache where David Chalk is deservedly decrying the fact that new Seattle Mariners manager Eric Wedge, or more accurately, his mustache, has come under fire. Why? Lord only knows. Probably because the goofballs who have a problem with it are simply jealous that they cannot cultivate such a formidable soup strainer.

I mean, look at that thing. It is fantastic.Even better? The following animated GIF which further documents the epicness of Eric Wedge’s facial hair.

Superb. Don’t listen to the haters, Eric Wedge. Keep on rocking that ‘stache. And if it ever gets out that Wedge has created his own “Pyramid of Greatness” for the benefit of his players, I’ll have no choice but to put my money on the Mariners taking the AL West title this season.

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