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It’s Funny Because Kid’s Tee Shot Drills His Camera-Toting Father

It’s been something of a hectic day here at the Sportress Headquarters, so since we’ve been kind of light in the content arena today I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to upload this little nugget of whimsical video goodness, courtesy of FAIL Blog.

After multiple failed attempts, this young lad finally makes contact on his tee shot. Unfortunately for his dad – well, I’m presuming it is his dad, who else would be recording it? – the kid doesn’t quite make solid contact and the ball slices terribly which proceeds to drill the camera holder (whoever the hell he is).

Score one for the kid. And score one for me, too, because now I know exactly what it feels like to be Bob Saget or Tom Bergeron: you know, completely untalented and using the misfortune of others to further advance my faltering career.

[H/T FAIL Blog]