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Incredibly Talented Soccer Star Struggles With Simple Task Of Dressing Himself

Above is a video of Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli struggling to put a bib on during warmups. Yes, I am referring to possessing the most minimal amount of intelligence and manual dexterity to be able to one’s head through the big hole in a top and ones’ arms through the smaller holes on the side of a garment. You know, something a toddler with a severe learning disability can reasonably accomplish with little to no difficulty.

It’s really quite enthralling (and comical) to watch Balotelli become completely baffled with the complexity of it all. The fact that some sorry sack had to come and assist him with such a menial task only adds further to the hilarity. At least the commentators heard in the video¬† had a good time mocking and ridiculing the supremely talented professional soccer superstar. Good times.

Still, I have to give credit where credit is due: Mario Balotelli looks great –¬† far better than the last time I saw him on Iron Chef America. He looks so much healthier and thinner, and if I may dare say so, um, blacker. But I don’t think we should really be discussing that in the first place, although here I am doing so.