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Bad Idea Criticisms: L.A. Kings Coach Terry Murray Rips Home Fans For Booing Team

"So these people paid good money for the tickets? Hmmm..."

I bet Los Angeles Kings coach Terry Murray wishes he could have a do-over relating to the antagonistic comments he made criticizing fans for booing the putrid effort put forth by the team last night during a 4-0 home loss to the St. Louis Blues. But it appears that Murray couldn’t hold his tongue and lashed out at the very people who have vigorously supported the Kings during an overall successful regular season. He’s mad as hell and he isn’t going to take it anymore.

During his postgame presser, Murray expressed his dissatisfaction regarding how the Kings faithful filling the seats at Staples Center booed the squad after the end of the second period, and he didn’t mince his words and wasn’t afraid to incorporate some overreaching hyperbole in the process (via the Los Angeles Times):

“That is the most embarrassing thing I have ever been through. That’s the worst I have ever been through in all the years I’ve been coaching,” Murray said. “I’ve been behind the bench almost 3,000 hockey games in the NHL and booed off the ice by your own fans, at the end of the second period, after… this road trip, going 4-0 in hard places, it’s very disappointing.”

Did you hear that, Kings fans who were in attendance last night? He’s very disappointed in all of you. So much so that after making that incendiary statement, Murray promptly stormed off, concluding his postgame comments. Does Murray want some cheese with his whine? Did I mention that not only were the Kings down 2-0 at the conclusion of the second period, but they were also being outshot 30-6 at that point of the game? So, yeah.

Here’s the thing that somebody should point out to Mad and Miffed Murray: these people paid good money to attend the game and if they want to boo, that’s their prerogative. In other words, given their investment, they can do what they wanna do. We can sit here and debate the merits of whether or not it is apropos for a hometown crowd to boo the home team – and the fact that the Kings are having a great season is a decent point against fans doing so – but a coach should never – never – hammer fans in some convoluted attempt to sidestep the team’s – from the coach to the players on the ice – complete responsibility for their performance. It never works. In fact, it more often than not completely backfires. So how about Murray just shuts his trap and does his part to make sure the Kings don’t give the fans a reason to boo in the first place?

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