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Ahhh Yeahhh: Jimmer Fredette’s Brother TJ Brings Da Noise On ‘Feel The March Madness’

While watching the BYU-Wofford matchup last night, I heard Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery manage to squeeze in the nugget – when they were not too busy genuflecting at the Altar of Jimmer – that BYU Cougars star/college basketball Messiah Jimmer Fredette’s brother TJ is an aspiring rapper. Obviously, as a die-hard fan of in-your-face hip hop, I just had to go to YouTube and check out TJ’s mic skills. There are quite a few videos out there of TJ dropping some rhymes, but I believe the track “March Madness” not only perfectly encapsulates TJ’s MC skills, but it will help all of us get pumped for a second day of wall-to-wall NCAA Tournament action. Bring it, TJ!

(watches video again)

Um, I guess all I can add after viewing the above video – as well as video of a few of TJ’s other songs is…

Word…to your mothers.