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Recently Convicted Sex Offender Fully Supports Tiki Barber’s NFL Comeback

No matter the situation, when prevailing opinions of those around them are completely against a person’s decision, they will often seek out anyone who will voice their support for the course of action they are taking. This is true in both personal or professional matters. So I am certain Tiki Barber is absolutely thrilled that none other than recently convicted sex offender Lawrence Taylor has come out publicly to endorse Barber’s futile – in my opinion (and many others) – effort to attempt to stage a comeback and resume playing in the NFL. Yay.

“Great move, as soon as I heard it I said, ‘That’s a great move,’ ” Taylor said. “When I thought about it 20 years ago I had let myself go, but I’ve seen Tiki a bunch of times over the years and he’s really taken care of himself. He’s got to prove himself, but I know he’ll work his butt off to do it.”

Yeah, if there’s one person who knows how there is a world of difference between “a great move” and “a completely moronic move fraught with the risk of terrible repercussions ,” you can bet your ass it’s Lawrence Taylor. At least as it pertains to activities which could potentially cause a person to be forced to register as a sex offender. On second thought, maybe LT’s opinion isn’t that worthwhile. At the same time, it could be argued that knowing what potentially might be a great move and then actually following through on that instinct are two entirely different things. Huh. Either way, my guess is Tiki will take any modicum of public support he can get right about now.

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