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Janey Mack! Nolan Ryan Nominated For Irish-American Baseball Hall Of Fame

And by exclaiming “Janey Mack!”, I do not mean that I don’t believe that Texas Rangers President/CEO Nolan Ryan isn’t worthy of the Irish-American Baseball Hall of Fame, it’s that I never knew he and I were kinfolk. Well, I’ll be gobsmacked!

But alas, ’tis be true, though. It was announced on Tuesday that Nolan Ryan (pictured above, giving Robin Ventura a demonstration of what it means to have Irish heritage) has indeed been named as a nominee for enshrinement into the Irish-American Baseball Hall of Fame, an honor I am sure he was quite pleased to learn about, with it being St. Patrick’s Week and all (why limit oneself to one measly day of revelry, I say!)

Other nominees named on Tuesday were former Twins skipper Tom Kelly, “Centerfield” performer John Fogerty and oddly, “Mighty Casey of the Mudville Nine,” the character in Ernest Thayer’s famous poem, “Casey at the Bat.”

Wait. Casey wasn’t a real person. He was? Wait, of course he wasn’t. It’s a poem, not a historical account of a real event, right? I’m sorry for all the confusion, I’ve had a wee bit too much of the creature today, what with it being St. Patrick’s Week. I already mentioned that, haven’t I? And what happened to my damn pants?

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