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David Beckham: My Fans, My Fans, Why Hast Thou Foresaken Me?

Jesus-tattooed American Soccer Messiah David Beckham was booed lustily by the locals during the Los Angeles Galaxy’s 1-0 season opening win over the Sounders in Seattle. While a player from a visiting team getting booed by the hometown fans is hardly surprising, what makes this an interesting story are Beckham’s post-match comments which add credence to the theory that the soccer star’s could be suffering from a burgeoning Christ complex:

Via The Sun:

“I had the weight of the league on my shoulders when I arrived here. But I’ve certainly seen improvements in the American game.

“We have some new teams coming into the league, attendance is up in certain areas – and all that makes me proud.”

The weight of the league on his shoulders? Pshaw. He should consider himself lucky that the masses haven’t insisted he play matches while wearing a crown of thorns and then after the match, force him to carry the league on his shoulders up to a locale akin to Golgotha, where he would be metaphorically crucified on a cross constructed out of goalposts.

But it does make me feel all the better to know that he’s proud of we troglodytic, uninformed American soccer fans. Or was he saying that he’s proud of himself? Huh. That’s a tricky one to decipher. Beckham is quite the enigma, but I suppose we should not question what he does nor what he says. The Soccer Lord moves in mysterious ways.

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