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(Video) Fun From The MN State High School Hockey Tourney: The ‘All-Hockey Hair Team’

Obviously, as many of you know, we Minnesotans live and breathe hockey. Crap, we’d eat the stuff if it were digestible. So it goes without saying that when the State High School Hockey Tournament rolls around, we greet it with great joy as we groggily emerge from our igloos (insulated with whale blubber and old Prince LPs) to take in the spectacle of our state’s best and brightest pucksters giving it all they got for a shot at on-ice glory.

The results of this year’s tournament? Hardly relevant. Everybody played hard, did their best and a couple of teams won state championships in their respective classes – you see, that’s Minnesota Nice for you – we don’t need the losers the teams who did not win feeling too bad. Especially when we have this delightful little video to distract us from such trivialities: celebrating the wonder and splendor of hockey hair not only in the Lnad of 10,000 Lakes, but everywhere: the “2011 Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament – All Hockey Hair Team.” It’s fantastic. Perhaps my favorite part is the narrator referring to the player from the BlaineĀ  Bengals with the heavily bleached hair as “Peroxide Jesus.”

But the video has it all: mullets, slow motion breakdowns capturing the magnificence that typifies a healthy head of hockey hair in movement as well as the overwrought display of team unity courtesy of the Blaine Bengals overuse of hydrogen peroxide. Ouch.

[H/T RandBall]