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Tea Partiers, Unite! Congressman Requests UConn Game Be Moved To Network TV

To quote DJ 3000: Those clowns in Congress did it again. What a bunch of clowns.

Make that one clown, as it is being reported that United States Representative Joe Courtney (D-CT) is unhappy that Connecticut’s favorite men’s college basketball team’s (UConn Huskies, for the uninitiated) opening game in the NCAA Tournament against Bucknell has been relegated to cable television, not CBS, which is completely unfair to the 150,000 homes in Connecticut without cable or satellite television. Oh, the humanity!

Isn’t there something better Courtney could be doing instead of wasting valuable time and taxpayer money bemoaning the new broadcasting setup for the NCAA Tournament? For instance, he could be vigorously defending the actions of his fellow Democratic Party ally, President Obama, for having the audacity and callousness to take five minutes out of the day he spends as leader the free world to selfishly fill out his own bracket? They took our jerbs!

Courtney has penned a letter to NCAA President Mark Emmert and CBS president Les Moonves in which he makes an impassioned plea to move the game to CBS so those poor Connecticut-ians (-ites? -ese?) are not left out in the lurch. The answer: No way, Jose, which is Spanish for Joe. I think.

Via the Boston Herald:

In a departure from past practices, there will be no regionalization of games televised on CBS this year.

CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus and Turner Sports chief David Levy said last week they weren’t too concerned about the effect on hometown fans who don’t get cable, since they can still watch for free online.

Come on, guys. Do you think a household who does not have cable or satellite actually has a viable internet connection in their home? These kind of people are still holding out for the cost of microwaves to go down. For crying out loud, people, give up the damn horse and buggy and join the 21st century, for Pete’s sake. Get a high-def TV, cable (or satellite) and access the internet already. Do these people have any idea how much porn is out there?

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