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Paul Bissonnette & Unnamed Calgary Flames Ice Girl: A Twitter Love Story

Fantastic work by Travis Hughes over at SB Nation chronicling the budding unlikely love affair between Phoenix Coyotes winger/epic Twitter oddball Paul Bisonnette and a yet unnamed Ice Girl for the Calgary Flames. We have long been Bissonnette fans here at the Sportress, particularly his shenanigans on Twitter, or as I refer to it, “The Life and Times of BizNasty2point0,” going all the way back to his tweeting of his recipe for Panty Soup and when he regaled his followers with the tale of his MacGyver like ability to improvise when he runs out of toilet paper.

Well, BizNasty2point0 was back at it again last night. Watching the Coyotes taking on the Flames from the comfort and friendly confines of the press box, a lovely lass in the employ of the Calgary Flames as a member of the awkwardly named Big Country Ice Crew caught his eye. As you can see, he even goes as far as making a Beyonce reference to properly articulate his honorable intentions.

And things continued in its own peculiar BizNasty way from there.

Twitter users being an enterprising bunch, someone who follows BizNasty2point0 put on his detective hat and forwarded Bissonnette the following photo of the, ahem, Big County Ice Crew:

To which BizNasty replied:

First, Beyonce, now busting out a 1990s TLC reference? Oh, BizNasty, you cad! Talk about one CrazySexyCool customer!

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I hope these two puck-crossed lovers figure out a way to make it work. Just one piece of advice, unnamed member of the Big Country Ice Crew:

Trim ur unit.

It’ll only help.

Paul Bissonette Channels His Inner Beyonce, Hits On Flames Ice Girl Via Twitter [SB Nation]