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Onward, Christian Brawlers? Girls Basketball Game Gets Out Of Hand

Tempers flared, tensions rose and benches cleared during a girls basketball game between two rival teams from the National Christian School Athletic Association, prompting the director of the NCSAA to declare a double disqualification in the league’s title game. Coaches of both teams from Potters House Christian (Jacksonville, ranked No. 4 in the USA TODAY Super 25 rankings) and Riverdale Baptist (Upper Marlboro, Md., ranked No. 22) are attempting to sidestep ultimate responsibility for the melee (during which no punches were thrown) which occurred during the 4th quarter with Potters House leading 68-50.

Via USA Today:

Potters House coach Tony Bannister said there was a lot of talking between teams and that Riverdale’s players were being overly physical.

Riverdale Baptist coach Diane Richardson said both teams were being physical and that the altercation escalated after she criticized Bannister for making a comment toward a Riverdale player.

“I told him, ‘Tony, that’s going too far,’ ” Richardson said. “Then his wife cursed at me, and I told her that was no way for a minister to act. Then their daughter (Potters House player Antoinette Bannister) came at me, and people got in between and both benches emptied.”

Coach Richardson was later heard in the locker room humming the melody to “Son of a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield: “The only girl who would ever come at me, was the daughter of a preacher man.”

Anyhoo, NCSAA director Nate Hartman was at a loss as to how girls from two Christian schools could ever behave in such a deplorable manner:

“It’s definitely the first time it has happened to us. We’re just not recognizing a champion. … As Christians we do believe that we bear the name of Christ. Obviously, behavior like this and actions like this are not in line with the spirit of the God whose name we bear. We should expect more of ourselves. I hope this is something that causes the schools and even the organization to ask how we could have done our role differently.”

Amen, brother. If there’s one thing we should always be able to count on in this crazy world, it’s that Christians will always get along with one other. It says so right there in the Bible. You know the passage I’m talking about: the one about getting along and stuff with other people or whatever.

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