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MLS Team Vancouver Whitecaps Use Topless Model & Body Paint In Ad To Titilate Fans

Or, the alternate title for this post: “When Gotta Support The Team Body Painting Is So, So Right.”

Major League Soccer team the Vancouver Whitecaps FC might have stirred up a bit of controversy by stirring up some paint…and then promptly apply said paint to the skin of a topless woman in this latest promotional spot. The ad contains the inquiry “Where Will You Be March 19th?” at the end of the spot, which happens to be date of the Whitecaps’ regular season (as well as home) opener against Toronto FC at Empire Field. It’s subtly racy, to be sure, but after viewing it a few (50) times with my trained, ogling eyes, I noticed nary an appearance of an image of an inadvertent, superfluous nipple.

Nevertheless, some nattering nabobs of negativity are sure to take offense to this provocative foray into nude modeling soccer club promotion. Such as this particular YouTube commenter, who made their Debbie Downer opinion known:

You just lost a huge chunk of your audience. This will really blow´╗┐ up in the faces of the Whitecaps, Bell and BMO.. Plus it’s seriously cheesy. This is not the Whitecaps Vancouver used to be proud of: internationally minded, promoting kids and women’s soccer.. what the hell is happening here? Do you MEAN to be insulting?

Oh, put a sock in it, Goody Two Shoes You Tube Commenter Rainer On Everyone’s Parade Person. It’s all in good fun. It’s seductive, clever and for the first time ever, I took notice of the Vancouver Whitecaps. Everybody wins!

[H/T Game On!]