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It’s A Gas: Tiger Woods Once Again Embroiled In A Farting Controversy

With his posting of a tidy 66 in the final round of the WGC-Cadillac Championship on Sunday, many in the know suspect that Tiger Woods may be as close to returning to pre-Whoregate form than he’s been in quite some time. Fittingly, Tiger is working his game back into shape just in time for his favorite tournament, the Masters, which begins April 7th down Augusta way.

But I think a more telling sign that Woods is almost back to normal is something which occurred Monday during the Tavistock Cup. While Graeme McDowell was addressing his ball on the tee at the 12th hole, somebody ripped ass, and by all accounts – including the fact that Woods immediately began shaking with laughter after McDowell teed off – Tiger certainly appears to be the primary suspect.

As this story develops, I am sure additional, conflicting theories will emerge regarding who exactly cut the cheese, as was the case during the previous Tiger Woods Fartgate which, um, erupted during the 2009 Buick Open. Ultimately, after much conjecture and video breakdown, it was reasonably concluded that analyst David Feherty was the individual responsible for the gaseous emission on that particular day. It remains to be seen who will step up and assume responsibility for this particular fart, by my money is on Tiger. As the old saying goes, “Whomever laughed harder is the likely sharter.” Actually, that’s not an old saying at all, I just made it up.

[H/T Sportpost (via Devil Ball Golf)]