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Erin Andrews Something Something ‘The Bachelorette’ Something Something

Erin Andrews appears poised to further explore her role in reality television programming after “joking” about her interest in appearing on ABC’s The Bachelorette during a radio interview on KNBR in San Francisco, Miss Andrews cheekily made a reference to the show, indicating she is kind-of-sort-of-not-really-but-yeah pretty keen on the show.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

On what she thought of the Bachelor finale:

“Let’s have a conversation. I e-mailed my publicist in the middle of the show and I was like can you just get me on this thing or what? What are we doing?”

You want to be on the show:

“I’m not saying I want to be on there, but I mean I’m just wondering if I should do it? Should I just do it?”

Whether or not she has actually thought about it?

“I already had it all planned out. My publicist wrote me back right away. I had it all planned out. I don’t like cheesy lines and I don’t like people who are really stupid so I was thinking they could put really nerdy guys on and I could be like are you serious right now with that line. Then my dates wouldn’t be sky-diving or plummeting from buildings. We would go to batting practice and I would see if they could hold their own talking to some of these guys and if they were a total dork it would be like you’re done, you’re out.”

Jeez, ESPN, Good Morning America, Dancing with the Stars, now this? Granted, she appeared to be somewhat joking around, but given that all of her recent career moves have coincidentally fallen under the auspices of the hands pulling the strings behind the curtains at the vast media empire which is the Disney-ABC Television Group, one can only imagine where it could go from here. A guest starring role on Modern Family? Taking over for Diane Sawyer on ABC World News? Her own sitcom? Crap, before you know it, she’ll move on from television and be starring in her own Pixar films. Not that I’m complaining.

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