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Crimes Against Clothing: Carmelo Anthony Says He’s Cut His Denver Ties

Claiming that he feels that his former associates with the Denver Nuggets are not rooting for him to succeed with his new team, the New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony has said that he has done the unthinkable – and unwarranted, I might add – and cut all his Denver ties.

Via FOX Sports:

“I really think they kind of don’t want me to have success in New York, the way I look at it,” Anthony said at the morning shootaround ahead Tuesday night’s rematch with the Pacers.

“I try not to think about that. [I played] in Denver seven-and-a-half years. For me to move on was a hard thing to do. This is a business, and I’ve cut my ties there. ”

I can understand why Anthony might feel somewhat dejected due to his perception that his former teammates aren’t pulling for him, but how does destroying perfectly good articles of clothing change anything? At least try to create something positive out of a bad situation. You know, like Cleveland Cavaliers fans did when they donated jerseys, etc. to charity when LeBron deserted them.

Further, why did Carmelo Anthony even own Denver ties in the first place? Carmelo always struck me as something of a stylish fellow and the thought of him sporting the above tie (or this Denver Broncos’ atrocity) just doesn’t mesh. Nope, nothing about this story makes any sense. Weird stuff.

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