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You’re My Boy Blue! Butler Bulldogs Mascot Banned From Opening Tourney Game

To the NCAA, all we are is dust in the wind, especially as it pertains to the Butler Bulldogs mascot, Blue II. You see, the NCAA has a rule which bans live mascots from making appearances at arenas during opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament, so much to the chagrin (apparently) of Blue II and his owner, Michael Kaltenmark (who is also Butler’s director of web and marketing communications), Blue II will not be there to support the team as Butler takes on Old Dominion in Georgetown on Thursday night. Kaltenmark says that Blue II “…lives for basketball games. It’s almost like what he was born to do.”

So unfair. Via FOX 59:

“When we found out Blue couldn’t go Blue and I were certainly disappointed. We wanted to go,”  Kaltenmark said.

Stupid NCAA and their archaic, draconian rules. But the organization’s ham-fisted policies have caused an outpouring of support for Blue II, much of which can be found on Butler Blue II’s Twitter page, which currently boasts nearly 3,000 followers, a number which is sure to rise as the word of the bulldog’s predicament is spread. Even ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser has passionately joined is supporting Blue II’s cause, challenging the organization to not “fence him in” and to liberate Blue II from his NCAA-imposed exile.

So the movement hath begun. FREE BLUE II! FREE BLUE II!

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