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Ron Gardenhire’s Rant About The Internet Now A T-Shirt…Being Sold On The Internet

For those of you just catching up with this story, Minnesota Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire is mad as hell over the highfalutin series of tubes we kids call the internet, and consarnit, he’s not going to take it anymore!

Last Saturday, Gardenhire informed assembled media members that he has decided that Nick Blackburn would be the fourth member of the Twins’ unset starting rotation, a story which Twins beat writers promptly tweeted and blogged about, before Gardy could get back to the field to inform his pitchers of his decision. And that made Gardenhire very angry over the speed of the interwebs.

Via the Star Tribune:

All you guys … tweeted and blogged and all those things,” Gardenhire told reporters Monday. “Before I could get back on the field, it was already back in here that we have a fourth starter. … So [the other pitchers] went right to [pitching coach Rick Anderson]. It’s under control, Andy’s talked to them. We knew going in that they were fighting for a job.”

When asked if Matt Tolbert, Trevor Plouffe and Luke Hughes were on equal footing in their battle for a utility spot, the manager said: “Yes, equal footing. You can tweet that. Just tweet it. You don’t even have to write it. Just fire it through the Internet.”

So there you have it. In Gardenhire’s view, a breaking story is like an artillery shell of sorts, which is then placed in some kind of projectile-firing weapon (the internet) and subsequently, through something. And here I thought the entire time is was all just a series of tubes

In any event, my pals over at TAUNTR (via Hardball Talk) are now selling a “Just Fire It Through The Internet” t-shirt, retailing for $19.99. Be the first kid on your block to own a t-shirt mocking and ridiculing a MLB manager’s limited view of technology and new media.

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