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Oops: London 2012 Olympics Countdown Clock Stops One Day Into Countdown

Unveiled to much pomp and circumstance less than 24 hours ago, the London 2012 Olympics countdown clock has ceased to perform its only task, which was to count down the days, hours, minutes, etc. until the official opening of the 2012 Olympic Games. The countdown clock, located in Trafalgar Square, locked up and froze with 500 days and 7:06:56 displayed. Yeah, that’s not good, especially given LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Game) chairman Lord Coe’s statements regarding the clock he made just yesterday (via The Guardian):

“The launch of the Omega countdown clock is an important milestone for any Olympic Games and is something of a tradition within the Olympic movement,” said Locog chairman Lord Coe before the launch. “It will be a daily and hourly reminder to everyonewho visits Trafalgar Square that the countdown to the start of London 2012 has well and truly begun and that the greatest show on earth is soon coming to our country.”

Ugh. But when, Lord Coe? But when? Bloody hell. Not surprisingly, all parties involved, including Swatch Group, are tremendously embarrassed over the snafu (via BBC News):

“We are obviously very disappointed that the clock has suffered this technical issue,” said a spokesman for the Swatch Group.

“The OMEGA London 2012 countdown clock was developed by our experts and fully tested ahead of the launch in Trafalgar Square,” he added.

“We are currently looking into why this happened and expect to have the clock functioning as normal as soon as possible.”

Awk-ward. Fortunately, London exists outside the mystical, unpredictable realm of The Twilight Zone, so time did not in fact stop once the clock ceased to operate. You know the episode I’m referring to: “A Kind of Stopwatch”, which is just like every other episode of The Twilight Zone, but, you know, kind of different.

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