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Bobby Knight’s Narcolepsy Makes Him Ill-Fitted For High Life Sponsorship

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Oh, Bob. Falling asleep on the job yet again. Certainly not the way in which to ingratiate himself with the folks over at Miller High Life. You see, Miller High Life is the Official Beer of You, and not taking your job seriously is most certainly not a characteristic of a person living the High Life.

The above image, from when Coach Knight was running the locker room while head honcho at Texas Tech, appears to have predicted Knight’s predilection for ill-timed naps. It has occurred again just recently, when Knight was caught snoozing during a radio appearance (which is simulcast on TV on YES Network – natch) with Mike Francesca on WFAN.

Video of Knight’s foray into Sleepytime Dreamland (via a tweet from SI‘s Jimmy Traina) during a live interview follows.

Ha. Now, is this the worst transgression of Bob Knight’s coaching and analyst careers? Heck no. Knight’s numerous ill-tempered and some might say narcissistic actions during his coaching career are stuff of legend, and as far as his role as an analyst is concerned, we don’t have to look too deeply into the archives to find instances where Knight crossed the line and cussed on the air, not once, but twice.

The point is, such a cavalier attitude towards one’s career is not a mark of a man suited for High Life Sponsorship. Guys and gals living the High Life take their jobs seriously and don’t delve into such irresponsible acts as swearing a blue streak when sensitive ears may be listening or falling asleep during a live interview. Granted, the interview was with Mike Francesca and that guy has the ability to put an insomniac into the restful bliss of a nice nap, but a job’s a job, and Coach Knight certainly dropped the ball on this one.