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Mike & Mike’s NCAA Tourney Bet Shows They’re A Couple Of Wild And Crazy Guys

What a couple of goofballs those Mike & Mike fellows are! And if you thought the shenanigans ESPN’s dynamic radio duo were already zany enough as it is, just wait, it’s about to get, um, even zanier.

Apparently, Greenberg and Golic have an annual bet regarding their brackets during the NCAA Men’s Tournament where the loser has to dress up like a woman, complete with makeup and a dress. Well, they have upped the insanity, according to spokesman Josh Krulewitz. Hackneyed forays into transvestism just aren’t going to cut it any longer. Not even close.

Via USA Today:

“We discussed it further and decided to refine the wager and make it more specific. Greenberg will have to dress as Justin Bieber or Golic will have to dress as Lady Gaga. The original concept did not set the proper tone and this is more entertaining for our audience.”

Hoo boy. One question: how does one dress as Justin Bieber exactly? Actually, forget about that, there are far more pressing – and terrifying – issues at hand, as the thought of Golic dressing up as Lady Gaga is certifiable nightmare fuel. Come on, Greenberg: you better win this damn thing. Please.

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