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Canadians Don’t Take Kindly To Mascots Mocking Their School’s Dance Squad

During an Alberta College Athletic Association Final Four game between Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Ooks and the Mount Royal Cougars up Canada way on Friday, the Ooks “mascot” felt the sudden urge to entertain the crowd in his own Ookian way. He elected to join Mount Royal’s dance team while they performed a routine on the court, playfully mocking their performance. Unfortunately for Ooks Mascot Guy, one particularly irate Mount Royal fan took offense to his impromptu performance and proceeded to storm the court himself, taking out the wisenheimer with a particularly aggressive throw of his shoulder. Boom.

Sadly, the defending of the dance team’s honor by one crazed vigilante failed to inspire Mount Royal’s basketball team, as they fell to NAIT by a score of 95-82.

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