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Wait, What? Nick Lachey Wrote A Theme Song For The Big East Tournament?

Singer-Songwriter,” ex-husband of Jessica Simpson and current fiance of Vanessa Minnillo , Nick Lachey, who cut his teeth in the music business as a member of boy band 98 Degrees which he somehow parlayed into hosting duties on the atrocity that is NBC’s The Sing-Off show, has penned a theme song for the Big East Tournament. I know. What the fungus, right? Was the lead singer from Sugar Ray not available or something?

The song, entitled “Last One Standing,” will premiere during the championship game on Saturday and if you’re anything like me, you are frantically honing your mute button-pushing reflexes in anticipation. To wit (via The Miami Herald):

The song’s chorus asks, “Who’s the last, last one standing?” Unlike many of the slow, anthemic ballads that tend to play during the highlight reel at the end of tournaments, Lachey’s tune is a driving rock song.

Guh. More like “Who’s the last, last one listening” to the almost certain train wreck of a driving rock song, amirite? The only “driving” part of this endeavor should involve a truck carrying the master recording of the song being driven straight off a cliff.  This is Nick Lachey we’re talking about here.

Actually, setting such trivial qualities as talent and the lack thereof aside, it does make some semblance of sense that Lachey was selected to compose the song: he’s a native of Ohio and a huge University of Cincinnati Bearcats fan (who happened to get destroyed by Notre Dame on Thursday), so I guess there’s that, but still. What say you, Nick?

“My two biggest passions probably in life are sports and music, so for me it was a good opportunity to marry both in this song,” Lachey said during a break in Big East tournament play on Thursday.

“Writing it, I kept seeing these highlight packages, dunk after dunk after dunk,” the former “Newlyweds” reality star said. “Sports is so much about energy and all the excitement you get being there live at a game, and I wanted to capture it in a song.”

Oh, I’m sure he captured something, alright. Whether that turns out to be a catchy little rocker paying tribute to the Big East Tournament or a testament to the drivel that passes as “popular” or “good” music today is the question. Actually, it isn’t. It’s going to be awful. Just terrible. Nickelback terrible.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some Backstreet Boys to listen to. That’s right: I do want it that way.

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