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Tom Brady’s Awkward Dancing Ways Make Him Ineligible For High Life Sponsorship

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Miller High Life, the sponsor of this here post, is on the lookout for people who are worthy of sponsorship by their product. And as the Official Beer of You, they are seeking out regular guys and gals to sponsor instead of wasting their time on the overabundance of spoiled, egotistical and narcissistic personalities who currently pervade the world of professional sports.

And after I fixed my eagle-eyed, steely, Hypnotic Staring Cricket Fan-like gaze over the sporting landscape, I surmised that perhaps no athlete’s recent actions have made them less worthy of High Life sponsorship than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. His globe-trotting, headband-sporting (see above), Carnival dancing/prancing routine makes Brady seem so out of touch with the real world. Not only that, a seemingly insurmountable divide has been created between the Super Bowl-winning, supermodel-marrying pretty boy and the Regular Joes and Normal Nancys like you and me the world over.

Allow me to introduce video and animated GIF evidence of Tom Brady’s unworthiness of High Life sponsorship.



Dear Lord. That ain’t dancing, Sally. I bet Brady wishes he could just hop on a scooter and roll away from the tremendous amount of mocking and ridicule he is currently going through.

Or maybe just a round of golf to take his mind off things…

Yowsers. Come back to us, Tom Brady. Before it’s too late. Clean up your act – it’s going to require a lot of work, I understand – and maybe, just maybe, you can join the ranks of those of us living the High Life.