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Now You Can Dunk Like Blake Griffin On Subway’s ‘Dunk Fresh’ Site

Well, you can kind of dunk like Blake Griffin, as long as you can naively adhere to the belief that by uploading a photo of your face into the site’s program which rather clumsily places your visage over Griffin’s in a video where he dunks, well, more power to you. You’re a high-flying, highfalutin dunking machine. On the Subway Dunk Fresh site, you have the choice of the tomahawk, the windmill, a two-handed jam, up and under or off the glass slam. Enjoy.

As you can see, I did not upload a photo of myself (Witness Protection Program and whatnot), but instead chose to have Bat Boy do the tomahawk. And as you will notice, I’m dreadfully impatient with these kind of things, as I took very little time to alter the image to better fit the template. Here’s the video. Woo-hoo. I’ll never get those precious moments back.