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Like Pretty Much Everything, Soccer Highlights Are Better With Gus Johnson

What else can be said that hasn’t been offered up already which further illustrates the awesomeness of Gus Johnson – Gus Johnson Soundboard, anyone? The unbridled enthusiasm which permeates his unique style of broadcasting – some might even say there’s some cockeyed optimism thrown in there – is truly a wonder to behold and a gift we sports fans should certainly cherish. And with the NCAA Tournament just days away, it’s a good of time as any to celebrate all things Gus Johnson.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that overdubbing Gus Johnson’s trademark frenetic energy over a soccer highlight – in this case, Landon Donovan’s thrilling, game-winning goal in extra time against Algeria during group play of the 2010 World Cup, instantly becomes even more exciting, more transcendent and infinitely more entertaining simply due to the presence of Gus Johnson’s voice. Throw in some “Onions!” courtesy of Bill Raftery and you’ve got some mighty tasty announcing stew.