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How Birdman Got His Groove Back

According to a report in The Denver Post, ever since the Denver Nuggets traded Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks on February 21st, Chris “Birdman” Andersen, everybody’s favorite heavily tattooed, mowhawked NBA oddball, has increasingly appeared to be on the verge of fully regaining his back after missing a bulk of the earlier part of the season as he recovered from offseason knee surgery. And this development is a mighty good thing, because, as you know, Birdman Swagger is the best kind of swagger of all.

Even Nuggets head coach George Karl has taken notice of the brewing return of the swagger (via The Denver Post):

“I think he’s very much into it,” Karl said. “Since we made the trade, his energy has been up. I think his impact on games has been much more consistent. It seems like he’s gotten his body back into a better place, better condition, physically feeling better.”

Great news. Great news, indeed. I’m sure we are all on the same page here when I argue that a world without the Birdman is not a very colorful world at all.

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