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Yogi Berra Takes A Nasty Fall, Needs To Get Set Up With Life Alert Right Away

Oh sure, laugh if you want, but this is serious: the New York Post is reporting that 85-year-old and living New York Yankees legend Yogi Berra was taken to the hospital as a precaution after taking a bit of a tumble inside the visiting clubhouse of the Philadelphia Phillies minor league complex.

Berra, serving as a guest instructor for the Yankees during spring training, allegedly was standing at the buffet table when he teetered backwards, ultimately falling down on his ass. But don’t worry, Berra is just fine.

“He is being taken (to the hospital) for precautionary reasons,’’ Yankees GM Brian Cashman said. “He was in the clubhouse, caught his sneaker and fell. He is in good spirits, smiling and doesn’t want to go.’’

Added Yankees manager Joe Girardi, “Yogi was really mad.’’

I bet he was. This is the second recent scare for Berra involving taking a nasty spill. He was hospitalized last July after falling in his New Jersey home.

Maybe I’m being a Nervous Nelly about all this, but wouldn’t you say it is high time that Yogi gets outfitted with a Life Alert bracelet? Like the lady says in the commercial, “All senior citizens should have Life Alert.” Don’t make C. Everett Koop angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

What’s that? C. Everett Koop is dead? Since 1989? That long? Wow. It’s like deja vu all over again.

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