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The Knicks Would Like You To Know That Amare Stoudemire Is Dedicated To His Craft

How do I know this? Allow me to submit the caption @thenyknicks added to the above photo uploaded to Yfrog depicting one Amare Stoudemire shooing some jump shots.

When practice ends, it’s just beginning for @Amareisreal. #hardwork

Man, they ain’t kidding. Because when I think about #hardwork, my thoughts instantly turn to the nearly degrading existence suffered through by the average NBA athlete. Think about it from Amare’s perspective: the guy drags his ass out of bed, at what? 10:00 or so? From that point forward his day is a virtual death march down a trail of tears. On some days, he might have to pour his own bowl of cereal – I’m guessing Sugar Smacks in Amare’s case. Next, he is forced to depart from his posh NYC digs to take a car service down to the arena where he’s put through the motions at practice. Then, just when you think things cannot get any more grueling, Amare proceeds to shoot jump shots – all on his own, mind you – and get this: practice is freaking over! And the work is just beginning for @Amareisreal.

I am sure glad I don’t have to suffer the indignities associated with living that dude’s life. To paraphrase Allen Iverson, we’re talking about practice. And then more jump shots. The horror…the horror.

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