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Soccer Player Tackles Borat Mankini-Wearing Pitch Intruder, Gets Ejected

Apparently, the saying “No good deed goes unpunished” is not a sardonic quote as one would assume, they are words to live by for at least one referee who is in the employ of the Conference South soccer league in England. Ashley Vickers, a player manager for Dorchester Town F.C. had finally seen enough of the ballsy shenanigans of a pitch interloper who was dressed in a fluorescent “mankini’ made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character, so he did what any sensible person would do: he put the awkward-to-see tomfoolery to an abrupt end by tackling the frolicking trespasser.

Sadly, Vickers wasn’t given a hero’s tribute for his actions: a referee, instead of praising the man, ejected him from the game in the 70th minute with the match tied 1-1.

Video follows.

Good form, perhaps too good, as Vickers was shocked, shocked I tell ya, over the ejection (via The Sun):

“I’m dumbfounded and speechless.

“A guy ran on to the pitch without any of the stewards getting near him and I thought I was doing them a favour.

“My only thought was to get hold him so we could get on with the game.

“I managed to grab him and bring him to the ground and the funny thing was the stewards actually thanked me for it.

“But the ref decided to send me off and it beggars belief.”

Aye, a beggars belief indeed, whatever that means. And who are these stewards Vickers is referring to? Is that what they call referees in Merry Old England? I always thought stewards were the people who work at the Dinty Moore factory. Huh.

Anyway, according to The Sun’s interpretation of the events where a man was wronged for doing what was clearly right, Vickers’ ejection not only was a criticism of much-needed pitch vigilantism, it radically altered the course of the match, as Havant and Waterloo took advantage of the undermanned Dorchester squad, going on to win by a tally of 3-1. That’s bogus, man. Totally bogus. And a beggars belief to boot, apparently.

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