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Gnarly, Brah: Snowboarder Mark McMorris Lands First-Ever Backside Triple Cork 1440

Suck on that, Shaun White. I may not know much about snowboarding – except for how to look absolutely ridiculous while riding one (note: tumbling down the hill while sporting some serious icicle snot is never a good look) – but I can confidently say that this was one totally bitchin’ trick. Dude.

The incredible maneuver – which features four full rotations – was captured by video cameras filming footage for Transworld Snowboarding’s upcoming flick, Park Sessions.

Said the Canadian seventeen-year-old (17!) (via The Denver Post):

“It was something I always thought about. I just wanted a good jump to try it. And here was the perfect place and I was able to do it with support of my friends. So I’m really stoked. It’s an accomplishment for me. I’m really happy.”

Yes. Stoked. Couldn’t have put it better myself, although a “Ripping style, holmes” reference would have been cool, too, despite it being a skateboarding reference since I don’t know the first thing about what passes for cool with the snowboarding subculture as I am now old, lazy and certifiably unhip.

So, um, yeah. Animal Chin Lives!

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