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Even Atlanta Nightclubs Are Getting In On The LeBron James Hate By Suing Him

"Yes, you way in the back: do you hate me yet?"

King James: spurner of not only cities and fanbases, but now, apparently nightclubs as well. According to a report in the Journal-Constitution, the owners of Atlanta’s Opera nightclub are suing LeBron James for allegedly reneging on a deal where the Heat player we most love to hate was supposed to make an appearance at the club on March 17th (Hey, that St. Patrick’s Day – now the Irish have a reason to hate this guy, not that we Irish need a reason to hate a person) when the Heat are in town for a game against the Hawks. The suit also alleges that James’ agent has already accepted $15,000 of the $25,000 appearance fee James was to charge Opera for showing up for a measly hour so the drooling, worshiping masses could bask in his awe-inspiring glory.

Instead of appearing at Opera, James will instead reportedly make an appearance at rival nightclub The Gold Room, something that would cause Opera to suffer  “irreparable injury, loss and damage” due to the fact that LeBron’s “reputation is crucial to conducting … business at Opera and the public has an expectation that defendant James will appear at Opera.”

Damn straight. Why is James and his entourage playing Opera like a bunch of damn chumps? Although it should be pointed out that The Gold Room was previously the strip club infamously known as The Gold Club, once a huge favorite among professional athletes, and man, if those walls could talk, well, they would likely spin a yarn fitting a letter to Penthouse Forum. Not that the club’s previous incarnation should give James any right to go back on his deal with Opera, because, as we have learned, if LeBron did it, said act is most certainly douchey.

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