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(Photo) Hey Look, New Jersey Nets: There’s Big Ben, There’s Parliament

Hopefully, players on the New Jersey Nets, coaches and associated members of the staff who traveled with the team across the pond to London for their game against the Toronto Raptors this coming Friday, March 4th (the first EVAR regular season NBA game in Merry Old England! SQUEE!) did not get trapped in a roundabout en route to the team getting their photo taken in front of the famed London Tower Bridge. Otherwise, I envision the repetitive scenario playing out like this:

Avery Johnson: Hey, guys…

Nets Players: We know…Big Ben…

Avery Johnson: Parliament.

Anyhoo, the Lord only knows what kind of sightseeing excursions the Nets will move on to next, what with a couple of open days before the heavyweight NBA matchup that will no doubt dazzle the Londoners, making them instantly jealous they don’t have a marginal NBA basketball team to ignore for all their own, but that’s a discussion to be addressed at another time. What I am interested in is what touristy locales will the Nets be visiting? They have plenty of time and there is a bloody treasure trove of places to visit. Stonehenge might be nice.

God, I miss Jack

Was that…was that enough European Vacation references for ya? No? Well, don’t I feel like a Pig in a Poke right about now…

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