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David Beckham’s New Jesus Tattoo Is A Revelation

Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick! Would you get a look at that tat? Professional soccer player/underwear model/Posh Spice impregnator David Beckham got some new ink on his chest recently and it certainly is a heavenly piece of body art: a tattoo of Jesus being carried to heaven by three cherubs.

According to a video uploaded to Beckham’s Facebook page (via Off the Bench), one of the reasons he elected to go with the messianic homage because the three cherubs tending to Jesus Christ reminded him of his three boys and how they will one day have to care for him as well…

Could Beckham drawing a parallel between Jesus being cared for by cherubs and how his boys will care for him before he shuffles off this mortal coil possibly be an outward expression of Messianic tendencies? Possibly. Who knows what would motivate a person to get a tattoo of Jesus in the first place? It’s not like Beckham is the first person to get a Jesus tattoo, although if it had been me, I would have elected to go with a more whimsical, not so wholly depressing, less strictly dogmatic depiction of the Lord and Savior…that’s right: Buddy Christ, people. Now that would be something.

David Beckham’s new tattoo depicts him as Jesus, naturally [Off the Bench]