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Somebody Once Left Dusty Baker A Fecal Message When He Was Managing The Cubs

"Hey Dusty, have you ever seen 'Swingers'? Yeah, I was in that."

As manager of the Chicago Cubs for four seasons (2003-2006), Dusty Baker led the team to the NLCS in 2003 (BARTMAN!), a feat any Cubs fan would greet these days with requisite abject fanaticism. But it should be pointed out that falling short of World Series glory during his first season as manager served as the high point of the Baker regime, as the team’s regular season record was an underwhelming 234-252 from that point forward, and he resigned at the end of the 2006 season, ushering in the halcyon dayos of the  Lou Piniella Era in Cubs baseball history. And what grand times those were.

Unfortunately, during the waning days of Baker’s managing career with the Cubs, not everyone in Chicagoland were in Baker’s corner. It became so bad, in fact, that one day, Baker entered the Cubs dugout at Wrigley Field and found a not-so-subtle message squeezed out into a stinky pile of human waste…right where he usually stood.

From FOX Sports (via Hardball Talk):

“At the very end, somebody took a dump right where I stood in the dugout every day,” Baker said Monday morning. “That was the low point. The grounds crew guy cleaned it up. He said, ‘Oh, I think it’s dog crap.’ I said, ‘No it ain’t. That’s human crap.’”

Ouch. Human crap. Dog crap, sure – don’t get me wrong, no one would ever say they appreciated a pile of dog poo left for them, but at least it would have been animal excrement. Human poop, on the other hand? That took planning. And probably some squatting.

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