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Hayden Panettiere Appears On Radio Show, Talks About Boxer Boyfriend, Other Stuff

Given she is currently dating heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko, it made perfect sense for the attractive young starlet to appear on a sports talk radio program as part of her rounds promoting her new Lifetime movie, Amanda Knox: Murder on Trail in Italy, which, since it is on Lifetime, is about One Woman’s Struggle dealing with what have you. Is Meredith Baxter in it? Can’t say. Haven’t seen it.

Anyhoo, the comely young actress made an appearance on WCNN in Atlanta. After Hayden fielded associated questions about the film, she was asked about her relationship with Klitschko, and it of course involved the considerable size differential between the two (hint: he’s a lot taller and stronger).

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

Your boyfriend is boxer Wladimir Klitschko? How did you two meet? You seem like the unlikely couple?

“Why because we’re so different in height? Is that it? He’s from the Ukraine. The sporting world and the industry they’re not that fair apart you know. It’s [sports world] definitely a different industry, but it’s the same lunchroom.”

See, I would have followed this question up with “What’s sex like with him? Do you just climb on top of him and then he he just spin you around like a top? Tell us more about that, with details.” Obviously, this is why I am not in sports talk radio despite the fact I have a face for it.

The discussion regarding their relationship continued:

So Wladimir Klitschko and you are both in show business or “show busy” in a way?

“Kind of in a way, but we had a friend who did a coffee table book and a beautiful coffee table book and the proceeds went to genocide. He did a picture in it and I did picture in it. They had a launch party for the book, so that’s how we met.”

The proceeds went to genocide? What the fungus? What brand of perverted fundraising is Miss Panettiere  involved with? The horror! What kind of coffee table book is that? I can only imagine the kind of photos contained therein. Probably nothing like this one:

Best. Stanley. Cup. Photo. Ever. That is all.

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